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iPhone 7s Release date Specification Rumors and Price

iPhone 7s Release date Specification Rumors and Price Details Is Here:

iPhone 7 Plus Release Date 2016 in USA Updated News

iPhone 7s Release Date:

If we taking about Apple’s release date history into account, so we can except  see the iPhone 7S officially revealed in September 2016. Like every iPhone both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 were revealed in September and now apple has no reason to change its strategy.

The iPhone 7S could be even slimmer than the iPhone 6 If we had to be specific, we would estimate the announcement date for the iPhone 7S being on a Wednesday or a Thursday in either the first or second week of September.

iPhone 7S specifications:

iPhone 7S Battery

There are rumors that iPhone 7S’s battery will come with layered battery units so that Apple could use all the space available in the chassis and make the battery all the more powerful. Hopefully such improvisation is going to resolve all battery problems from henceforth.

Storage Capacity

Usually iPhones come with three storage options 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. But we are hopeful this time Apple will remove the 16GB variant and iPhones will be available from 32GB storage capacity and upwards. The 32GB phone should be made available at a moderate price that will encourage more consumers to invest on it

iOS 10

iOS 10 is also likely to introduce new features at a software level. Among the features we’re hoping to see in iOS 9: improved parental controls and group FaceTime calls.


Everyone now there are no words in which we can applause its camera It has very amazing Camera  result its Primary Camera is  8 Megapixel and Secondary Camera is 2 Megapixel

With very heigh Dual LED FlashAnd record  Video with1080p Full HD with some features like Geo-tagging, Face Detection, Image Stabilization and Fixed Focus.

waterproof protection

It’s possible the new iPhone 7S could be waterproof. In March 2015 a new patent revealed that Apple is investigating ways to make future iPhones waterproof without needing to compromise on the design, a change that never made it into the 6s and 6s Plus. Instead of adding armour to the outside of the iPhone to protect it from water, the method would coat electronic components found inside the iPhone in a protective waterproof material that would prevent them from getting damaged should water find its way in.

3D Touch not Force Touch

 Thanks to the launch of the iPhone 6S we’ve now got a bit more information about what Apple might have for store with its next smartphone, the iPhone 7S, launching next year. First, we found out that the iPhone 6S didn’t have Force Touch, but instead used a new pressure sensor in the screen called 3D Touch. The big difference is that 3D Touch can sensor two degrees of pressure, giving more ways to interact with the phone; Force Touch can only sense between a tap and a hard press. Given that 3D Touch is in the new phones it makes sense that it will appear in the iPhone 7S Plus and not Force Touch as I had previously believed.

Wireless charging

Apple is behind the curve on this one, as Samsung, Sony and LG have already released phones that charge without needing to be plugged in, but patent applications published yesterday by the US Patent and Trademark Office indicate that the California-based technology company may finally be preparing to incorporate wireless charging into its next generation phones.

Previously, Apple phones haven’t been able to recharge without being plugged in because, until recently, wireless charging devices couldn’t power batteries through the iPhone’s aluminium case.

It have all at a Finger Swipe

The very less weight, thin, wireless device that do all our tasks ready at our fingertips has now ascended another step at being more proactive to get us through our day. The new iPhone 7S, is going to released to public in 2015 with iPad Air 3, ahead of the launch of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S, has come forth with such features, those in themselves make the device nothing less than irresistible for any user. Now, with the new features of iPhone 7S, every day will become faster, easier and much more enjoyable. New as they are, the features might look different, but the way of operation is perfectly similar to what it used to be like before, making it as user-friendly, as always.

iPhone 7s Price:

According to news and rumors iPhone 7S price will be above to one lac. But its only rumors exact price details will be available for us in the 2016 in 1st three months. we can guess that iPhone 7 will come with a price tag of $850 for 16GB, $1000 for 64GB and $1100 for 128GB.

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