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iPhone 7: Apple Use Flexible battery, Screen and Frame

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iPhone 7: Apple Use flexible battery, screen and frame

Apple has been very consistent when it comes to integrating features across its product portfolio,” Forbes reports, referring to the examples of the high-definition retina display and Touch ID fingerprint reader, which have now spread across the model range.

However, more recent reports suggest that Apple will stick with LCDs. JP Morgan analyst Narci Chang has said that a huge investment in screen-maker Japan Display shows that Apple is not turning its back on the technology.

There is also some scepticism about the idea that Apple has imminent plans to launch a flexible iPhone. Rumours about such a device have surfaced many time before, but so far it has never been built.

Japan Display confirmed plans for the new $1.4 billion LTPS LCD plant in central Japan earlier this month, AppleInisider reports, “Apple will partially fund construction of that facility, in return for exclusive access to the factory’s output.

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Its battery is 3500 mAh Li-Po its very powerful and it have talk time 48hrs and standby 560hrs.

Apple could be planning to embed solar cells beneath its touchscreens, according to a new patent.The firm was recently granted a US patent for solar panel technology hidden beneath touch-sensitive surfaces, like those used in a Macbook trackpad, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch display.

Wireless charging

Apple is now using this technology but  as Samsung, Sony and LG have already released phones that charge without needing to be plugged in, but patent applications published yesterday by the US Patent and Trademark Office indicate that the California-based technology company may finally be preparing to incorporate wireless charging into its next generation phones.



Apple iPhone 7 screen will be obviously touch screen having large display size and may gadgets appearance upon it. iPhone 7 screen size in 4.7 inches or maybe 5 inches but it must be reliable.

 iPhone 7 is OLED screen

New rumours suggest that Apple is considering introducing an OLED screen for the new iPhone 7. South Korean tech website ET News claims the company is looking to source the screens from smartphone rival Samsung, in time for the production of the next generation of iPhones, thought to be launched late next year.

Also  Wraparound screen

On 29 September, Apple filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for what it calls “sidewall displays”, International Business Times reports.



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